These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

So it took me a really long time to put up my first official post. Mainly due to the fact that I just didn’t have the tiniest clue as to what I must write about. It’s now almost a month later since I thought of starting my own blog, so I told myself to get serious about life and write something about anything to get this blog-ball rolling.

I’m going to tell you guys in computerland about some of my favorite things from the fashion industry. Models. Editors. Campaigns. Editorials. Wine. The last really has nothing to do with fashion, but hey…don’t we all love it? (I know I do! haha)

Ok. Favorite model is… In fact, lets make it–> my favorite model(s) include:

There’s a lot more but you will here about them from me later on in my blogging career ;)

Moving on… it’s August right?!?! Therefore it’s September issue time. My top September issue this year was from British Vogue (You cannot go wrong with Kate Moss on the cover and besides that I’m not really into the celebrity thing US Vogue is so adamant and keen on)

Coat Season

This leads on to my top ad-campaign at the moment. I’m really liking the Burberry ads (feat. model turned actress; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) right about know. First saw this picture in my Vogue and then saw it on   As we continue this blogging journey together, you may notice that I’m a tad biased to the Victoria’s Secret Models…It just happened :)

I think I’m gonna finish off now, no one likes posts that are too long. Got a bottle of red wine (Plaisir de Merle – Cabernet Sauvignon) and I’m ready to go!